WETT Inspections

What is a WETT Inspection?

Due to the health and safety risks posed by improper use or function of solid-fuel-burning appliances, it is important to have regular inspections conducted of any such appliances present in the home. A WETT inspection may also be a requirement of your home insurance company before such insurance may be obtained.

A WETT Inspection is an inspection of a solid-fuel-burning system, performed by a WETT-certified professional, for compliance with current applicable codes and standards, as defined by the SITE Levels of Inspection Chart and Guidelines. 

A certified WETT inspector must complete 5 days of technical training, as well as 80 weeks of field inspection experience, including at least 30 inspections of wood-burning appliances.

Quantum Property Inspections is certified to perform Level 1 WETT inspections.

Level-1 Inspection — “Readily Accessible”

· Readily Accessible is defined as quickly or easily reached for inspection. 

· A level-1 inspection does not require the use of special tools for the opening or removal of any panel, door, covering, or system components; nor (unless at the discretion of the inspector and client) would it require the use of ladders.

· An inspector should be able to inspect any moveable components of the fireplace, appliance or venting system that are readily accessible. Examples would be components utilized during normal operation or visual inspection by the user of the system, such as readily accessible loading doors, primary combustion chamber, ash-pan doors, clean-out doors, dampers, air controls, etc.

· A tape measure, light, mirror, camera, magnet, selfie-stick and/or other basic tools should comprise (but are not limited to) the typical tools required to perform for this level of inspection

Quantum Property Inspections is certified to perform Level 1 WETT inspections for the following wood burning appliances:

· Wood stoves and flue pipes

· Factory-built fireplaces

· Factory-built chimneys

· Masonry fireplaces

· Masonry chimneys

· Fireplace inserts or hearth-mounted stoves

· Pellet stoves and venting

· Solid-fuel-burning furnaces and boilers

WETT Inc. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) is a non-profit organization managed by a volunteer board of directors elected by holders of valid WETT certificates. Through its administrative designate, WETT Inc. functions as the national registrar of the WETT program. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of solid-fuel-burning systems in Canada. 


To book a WETT Inspection contact us by phone or email. Call Ryan at 1-403-550-3658 or email info@quantuminspections.ca

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For more information on the WETT system and inspections, visit the WETT Inc. website by clicking the link below.